Elimisha Dada

Who we are

Light of Hope Youth Initiative-International (LOHYI) is a leading national NGO working to serve under privileged communities around Kenya. LOHYI uses the Quadra helix approach in partnership with the government of Kenya, through ministries of health, education, youth/gender affairs and vision 2030 with other stakeholders, civil societies, corporates and institutions to design mechanism to find solutions in different communities.

LOHYII has programs around four thematic areas namely Elimisha dada/ Inua kaka (Education), Jitegemee (Economic empowerment), Boresha( Health), Mtaa yangu( Leadership and Governance).

The programs are tailored in over 97 learning institutions (Primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions) and the community across 4 counties in Kenya that reach over 30, 000 adolescents, youth, women and People Living With Disabilities (PWD’S) anually. LOHYI vision
A generation of responsible, and active citizens!
and her mission is to ensure inclusive, equitable quality education, enhance healthy lives, promote economic empowerment and build effective and accountable leaders.

Our history

Light of Hope Youth Initiative International is a non-profit organization and a registered as National NGO working to serve underprivileged communities in Kenya. It started in 2013 as a Youth (self-help) Group which was registered on May 2014, it then Transformed to a Community Based Organization (C.B.O) on 8th February 2015 out of the need of expanding our working area for more impact to reach more underprivileged children in Machakos. November 1st 2016 was registered as Non-Governmental organization.

LOHYI is partnering with the Government, cooperates, Civil society organization and learning institutions to solve problems in the communities and design different interventions.

To have a generation of responsible and active citizens.

To Nurture, Empower and Transform citizens to be responsible and active in developing their own community and decision making.

Working with government, local communities, policy makers, institutions and other key partners on local and international level.
LOHYI is leading in promoting quality education as a key factor for addressing inclusivity, equitable rights for all.

Quality education

More than 180, 000 young people of both genders reached with mentorship sessions and structured programs up to date

Economic Empowerment

Securing livelihoods More than 5, 000 beneficiaries have acquired entrepreneurial skills and market linkages.


Sensitization/awareness More than 120, 000 reached with information on behavior change.

Leadership development

More than 3,500 students/community trained and empowered.

Our Team Members

Duncan K. Nzangi

CEO & Founder

Jackson M. Mulwa


Heitham Chehab


Takumi Nagai

Board Member


Empower the youth through trainings and facilitations to become self-reliant and economically stable on towards ending poverty in all forms.
  • End poverty in all its forms everywhere. (Goal 1)
  • Ensure health lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. (Goal 3)
  • Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. (Goal 4)
  • Promote social inclusion in sustainable community development through providing equal opportunities for all.
  • Promote sustainable inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. (Goal 8)
  • Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. (Goal 16)


    Microfinance - is defined as financial services such as savings accounts, loans, credit provided to poor and low income clients so as to help them increase their income, thereby improving their living standards.

    LOHYI INTERNATIONAL is non- profit organization although with the enterprise development we introduced a small fund to give loans to vulnerable groups and individuals. The project was introduced by a JICA Volunteer as a pilot project which we identified 4 beneficiaries who have received small loans for 100 USSD to 150 USSD to expand and as start up capital. The fund set aside is 500 USSD for the kit with an interest rate of 2%.The beneficiary are repaying their loans and targeting 2 more beneficiaries towards the end of 2017 after the repayment of the first clients.

    This is a pilot project which after the case study will be registered and work as small SMEs provider under LOHYI Microfinance. Through this we are looking for partners and stakeholders to implement this project by June 2018.

    Structures and mechanisms are being put in place towards successful implementation of the project after the study and feedback. We have approached other microfinance institutions I terms of capacity building. We wish to establish peer to peer lending.
    Note - with your help we can reach more by becoming a partner or choosing to support an individual start a business.