Elimisha Dada

LOHYI international works with groups made of young people, People with disabilities and women to empower them and create a generation of independent citizens. It focuses on utilizing waste products from various sources. The groups include: Marginal Support Youth Initiative, Kaani Blind and Disabled S.H.G, Mwala Umoja Disabled CBO, Light of Hope Youth Group.

Light Of Hope Youth Group

LOHYI aims at empowering young people to grow and become responsible citizens. LOHYI YOUTH GROUP trains fellow youth on making handcrafts using waste paper materials. It is a great way not only for making a living but also cleaning the environment. The youth are able to make a living thus increasing self-reliance.

Marginal Support Youth Initiative

It is a youth led group that focuses on social entrepreneur that works hand in hand with Light of Hope Youth Initiative International and other likeminded NGO’S. The group focuses on innovation and art work. It uses local waste material to make leather shoes. Besides, it trains youths on art and drawing to help eradicate poverty through enabling them to become self-reliant.

Kaani Blind and Disabled Group

It is a group made of individuals with disabilities that come together for income generating activities. The group uses waste textile products to make earrings and other women accessories.

We coordinate and help access seminars, conferences, forums with the purpose of fund raising from our products.