Elimisha Dada

Our approach

Light of hope uses workshops and annual events where a platform is created to educate the youth on leadership, also it provides a place where the youths interact freely with each other. We also work towards providing Employability knowledge and develop skills to the youth.


1. Developed the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals especially students.
2. Provided a platform for the Youth, women and the disabled to engage and network with employers.
3. Came up with solutions on how to reduce interdependency and establish self-reliance.
4. Positive feedback from alumnae on the impact and benefits derived from the Training.
5. Trained 5 groups and positive feedback of the program.
9. Groups have grown economically to accommodate more members.
Strategic areas addressed in leadership and governance
• The role of Youth in attaining vision 2030

Programs and services

Inclusive Neighborhood Spaces (I.N.S)

This program is initiated to nurture, empower and transform the young generation in the community to take active responsibility as citizens for their destiny, where it provides platforms for young people and their communities can share, raise their ideas and skills and explore innate abilities towards lasting sustainable development goals in education.
This program is to be implemented in schools where they are to form Elimisha Dada Clubs which has creative ways to engage the community children in achieving and owing spaces that exist and creative ways of filling them, this is through empowering them with 21stcentury skills like:

 Learning skills
 Critical thinking skills
 Collaborative skills
 Literacy skills
 Innovative and ICT savvy skills

With the above skills we expect to see children talking with children on issues affecting them as they feel free enough to air their own views to the elders or even authorities.
We believe children are the best to speak for themselves and it is easier to craft/mentor a strong child than to repair a broken adult. For the children voices to amplified the Elimisha Dada Clubs(EDC) in Schools are to be empowered hence form an National EDC Parliament where issues of children rights like education, gender violence, child molestation and sexual harassment are addressed on a national platform.

Mtaa yangu program


The program aims at creating platforms where local young people can interact with each other and have contact with like-minded organizations. In this way they can be informed and sensitized about different topics such as leadership, HIV/AIDS, Environment Conservation and Entrepreneurship in order to be active in the development of their own community.
The desire to value the local environment is also clear from the name of the program which comes from Swahili words “Mtaa”Meaning “Community” and “Yangu”which means “My.”
In line with this purpose Light of Hope Youth Initiative organizes 4 annual events
 Light of Hope Annual Soccer Tournament event
 Machakos Annual Clean-up event
 Machakos Talent Search event
 Machakos Tree Planting event


It’s the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future. LOHI has initiatives that helps the youth, elderly and the disabled, with support of their families and communities to secure and sustain their livelihood. All this is achieved through the following programs;
A) Workshop and events
B) Career guide in Schools
a) Workshops and Events.

LOHI International sets up Career fair events which include presentations from facilitators in various professional fields, enterprise world (both Agribusiness and Business wise) and Government representatives who talk about Opportunities for the youth, women and the PWD’s in the Job market and how they can secure livelihoods.
Target group; Youth, Elderly and The disabled
6. To provide Employability knowledge and develop skills to the youth.
7. To provide a platform for the Youth, women and the disabled to engage and network with employers.
8. Come up with solutions on how to reduce interdependency and establish self-reliance.

Strategic areas addressed in the events.

• The role of Youth in attaining vision 2030
• Business Plan Development
• Wealth Creation in Agribusiness
• Volunteering, internship and attachments
• Opportunities for People Living With Disability
• Business Experience
• National and International scholarships
• Networking
b) Career guide in school.
This involves Mentoring, Inspiring, Empowering and providing knowledge on careers that will act as a clear guiding strategy to choose and follow a certain career path. This strategic area works toward ensuring Careers have been realized, competence and results have been achieved towards the attainment of the SDGs and Kenya’s Vision 2030.
1. Coach students toward realizing the right career path.
2. Equip students with all knowledge needed to venture in a specific career.
3. Answer questions that students have toward careers.
4. Create platforms for students to interact with professionals to mentor them.
5. Educating and mentor them on Life skills which are vital for the Job market.


1. Conducting sessions, knowledge that will provide skills and expertise in different schools.
2. Providing sessions with successful professionals for mentorship and coaching.
3. Connecting students with professionals in the job market.
4. Talks on life skills.


LOHYI has previously worked on the following projects, the projects aims is to create a platform where youths interact and get a chance to share their knowledge and experiences and also where they are informed and taught on leadership skills. The following are the projects that LOHYI has been conducting:

August 6, 2017


ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Our Approach Economic Empowerment is the capacity of women and men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth processes in ways that […]
August 6, 2017


MACHAKOS ANNUAL TALENT SEARCH This is under the umbrella Machakos Got Talent whose aim is to tap and nurture diverse raw talent among the youth, the […]
August 6, 2017


MACHAKOS ANNUAL SOCCER The purpose of Light of Hope Annual Soccer tournament is to mobilize local young people of both genders through the context of soccer […]


This entails supporting Income Generating Activities (IGA) to realize, this is achieved through;
A) Advocacy Programs
B) Establishing Enterprise groups.
c) Facilitation Program.

Advocacy Program

This is a tailor made program meant to educate the general community in order to equip them for effective practice of any business field as well as spear heading for equal opportunity toward self independent and building their community.

1. Create awareness on the importance of the youths, Elderly and the disabled to secure livelihood and sustain themselves.
2. To provide knowledge on Economic development like effective economic practices according to the target area.
3. Make the community aware of opportunities available provided both from the Public (Government entities) sector and the Private sector.

Establishing Enterprise groups

Through this we have managed to come up with Light of Hope post Primary Fund,(LOHPPF) a program run in all schools we support with aim the of forming groups for the parents to save and invest in income generating activities and acquire loan from the group and cater for their children to continue with their education.
In Kenya, Primary School education is free but for Secondary education is expensive which makes it hard for some students not to see the secondary education.But due to poor economic background, mostly because of poor planning/investment from the parents in the rural setting, these children end up in the village without proceeding to secondary school, some end up getting married at a tender age some indulge in drug abuse simply because they are hopeless as far as education and career is concerned .

To ensure continuity of education to the pupils we came up with ‘Light of Hope Post PrimaryFund’ (LOHPPF), through this scheme parents are to form groups that they manage themselves in that: they elect the officials i.e. Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary among other post who act as the center of direction to their respective groups. In their respective groups they agree on a weekly contribution from each member. The contribution is to raise capital for them to start income generating projects which range from agri-business, livelihood projects to other commercial businesses like shops and supermarkets.
We as the brain-child behind this initiative we organize for their training in entrepreneurship and record keeping through our co-operate partners and other experts in agri-business the group may want to undertake. We also aid the development of microenterprise by offering basic business skills workshops and helping to cultivate lending and savings programs for potential borrowers.
Because through the Income generating projects and weekly savings they create a loan revolving fund, in that members can borrow through proper vetting by a committee in place to ascertain the money borrowed is used for paying school fees for the child in secondary school and above.
More so, Light of Hope Youth Initiative helps them in marketing of the products to fetch good market since we interact with people from different regions and caliber.
Objectives 1. Come up with ways to eradicate poverty.
2. Create IGA for the community to improve leaving standards
3. Realize a self-reliant generation of youth and become key players in improving their community and Nation’s economy.
4. Create platforms for the Disabled to improve their living standards.

Facilitation Program

This involves activities that help the established groups to make them improve and be sustainable. Target Groups: Established Enterprise groups for the; Elderly, Youth and the Disabled.


1. To educate existing groups on Favorable Banking, book keeping and saving services.
2. Provide Professional Facilitators to help Groups realize IGAs that will flourish according to the market target.
3. Follow up on the wellbeing of the Groups.
4. Also, add on forming IGAs, and also give loans to members enabling them to form businesses on toward our long stretch aim of parents being able to provide for education fee.